Celebrating traditional skills

 As well as rearing our own herd of native Ruby Red Devon cattle, we work with a community of trusted local families who farm in harmony with nature to the highest welfare standards.

Our Master Butchers use whole carcasses and traditional butchery methods to ensure you get the best tasting joint with minimal waste; from our incredible Beef Top Rib and well marbled Prime Rib Roast, to our wonderfully tender Leg of Lamb and boned and rolled Leg of Pork.

Easy Carve Leg of Lamb (2.2kg)

This hand prepared boneless leg of lamb has just the shank left on and comes with garli...


Topside Beef

One of our most popular roasting joints! This beautiful Topside is taken from the hindq...


Beef Top Rib / Back Rib

As the summer arrives, classic roasts tend to go out the window.. But our cattle are ...


Leg of Lamb

Nothing beats a leg of lamb. Full of robust and delicious flavour, this wonderfully te...


Silverside Beef

A classic cut that takes its name from the silvery sheen covering of this hardworking...


Shoulder of Lamb

Full of sweet flavour, our shoulder of lamb is one of the most delicious joints for sl...


Prime Rib Roast

If you want extra flavour, then this joint it for you. A well marbled, succulent join...


Boneless Beef Brisket

This popular joint is taken from the fore quarter, boned and rolled. Ideal for slow r...


Leg of Pork

A classic roasting joint, our boned and rolled leg of pork is the perfect combination ...


Sirloin Short Cut Striploin 1.5kg

Quite simply sirloin steak left as a piece - just as the Americans enjoy it - it is tru...


Shepherd's Roast

Whole shoulder of lamb, skilfully boned, de-fatted, then rolled around a cylinder of o...


H-Bone Boneless Joint 1.5KG

A hearty, tasty roasting joint which is beautifully tender when slow cooked. A hindqua...


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