Slow Roast Top/Back Rib

£21.60 each

We are one of the last butchers in the country to still cut this joint. A very traditional and succulent low and slow roasting joint. 

Our Master Butchers, Phillip and Alastair, are experts in sourcing and hand selecting the finest quality, locally reared meat. You'll see our own Ruby Red cattle grazing on the banks of the River Clyst - a native Devon breed producing the highest quality beef. The Reds are a slower growing breed & they take time to grow to their natural maturity - producing something a little bit special.

  • 2kg Top Rib/Back Rib £21.60
  • 2.5kg Top Rib/Back Rib £27.00 
  • 3kg Top Rib/Back Rib £32.40
  • 3.5kg Top Rib/Back Rib £37.80

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      • Bring your rib roast to room temperature and season with salt & pepper. 
      • Place into a roasting dish, add half a cup of water and cover with tin foil. 
      • Place in the oven for the recommended time 

      Up to 1.5KG - 2 1/2 hours at 130° (gas mark 1) 

      1.5-2KG - 3 hours at 130° (gas mark 1)

      2-2.5KG - 3 1/2 hours at 130° (gas mark 1) 

      2.5-3KG - 4 hours at 130 (gas mark 1) 

      • Once the above cooking times have been reached, add your par boiled potatoes to the roasting dish, turn the oven up to 190° (gas mark 5) for 10 minutes. 
      • Remove the rib of beef from the oven and leave to rest until your roasties are cooked as you like them.




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