Here at Darts Farm, our objective is to produce meat of uncompromising quality, in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming practices.

As a low impact, more rugged breed, our Ruby Red Devon Cattle are perfectly suited to our regenerative farming practices which include them grazing on the banks of the River Clyst during the summer months. They are integral to establishing and maintaining the dynamic ecosystem and thriving biodiversity our wetlands our famous for. Through eating, dunging and seed dispersal they transfer nutrients across our pasture, creating unique mosaics of habitat and directly enhancing the structure & fertility of our soil and grass. The resulting permeant pasture on the banks of the River Clyst is one of the most effective forms of carbon locking on the planet.

During the winter months, we bring the cattle in and feed them on a natural diet of maize, hay and silage; all of which are grown here on the farm. The natural maturity for Ruby Reds is between 24 and 28 months and it is at this point that they are hand selected by Master Butchers Philip and Alastair for slaughter.

The process of slow-rearing on a natural grass-fed diet allows our Ruby Reds to develop deep and complex intramuscular fat known as marbling. All of our beef is hung in whole carcass form for at least 30 days, dry-aged in the traditional way and butchered with great skill and care – all this results in the best taste and texture whilst using every part of the carcass, producing zero waste. 

Date Night Steak Night!

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Topside Beef

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Minced Beef

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Silverside Beef

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Prime Rib Roast

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Boneless Beef Brisket

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Sirloin Short Cut Striploin 1.5kg

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H-Bone Boneless Joint 1.5KG

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Beef Fillet

For something special, look no further than our 40 day hung and dry aged beef fillet....


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