We're proud to work with Devon pig farmer Tom Lockwood, of Lashbrook Farm in Talaton who shares our high standards for producing the best local pork whilst using traditional and sustainable farming practices.

With plenty of space to eat, drink, lie down and root around, they ensure that their pigs have the best welfare possible. Fed with local corn, wheat and barley, their pigs reach maturity between 6 and 8 months.

Here at Darts, we only have guilt pigs (females) as they have a much sweeter and succulent flavour, and a perfect fat coverage. We receive the pigs from the abattoir in whole carcass form, which we hang in our dry aging chamber for 5-7 days. This helps the create a mouth-watering flavour and the best crispy crackling.

Shoulder of Pork

Traditionally known as the Spare Rib, this succulent and sweet joint is cut from the s...


Leg of Pork

A classic roasting joint, our boned and rolled leg of pork is the perfect combination ...


Loin of Pork

A classic roasting joint, our boned and rolled loin of pork has a fine grained texture...


Pork Battenbergs (x2)

Our Master Butchers handcraft each pork battenberg using our handmade pork sausage meat...


Diced Pork 500g

Perfect for fuss-free curries, casseroles, kebabs and many more fantastic family feasts...


Gammon Steaks (2 x 280g)

For a quick and delicious dinner, you can't beat one of our Master Butchers' gammon ste...


Belly Pork

Over the past few decades, belly pork has become a rather fashionable cut; it's crisp ...


Pork Tenderloin 450g

The most tender cut of pork, the tenderloin melts like butter in your mouth, is full of...


Belly Pork Slices 250g x 4

Delightfully rich and indulgent, pork belly slices are succulent, sweet and hugely vers...


Raw Gammon Joint

This traditional British joint is always lean and delicious; to give the best flavour ...


Pork Ribs

Our Master Butchers, Phillip and Alastair, are experts in sourcing and hand selecting ...


Traditional Pork Sausages

You can't beat a traditional pork sausage! Our Master Butchers, Phillip and Alastair, ...


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