Sheep farming has shaped the beautiful Devon landscapes we love. For generations we have worked with a vibrant community of the best Devon farmers; from Ben Mortimore, who farms his flock of Poll Dorset’s just across the River Exe at Powderham; a unique, early-lambing breed that are beautifully suited to the mild and sheltered micro-climate of the Exe Estuary and gives us some of the earliest succulent and tender Spring Lamb in the country. To Robert Darke, who farms his flock down on the river in Dartmouth and is well known as one of the top sheep breeders in the country.

At the moment, all our lamb is Spring Lamb; this season usually runs from February to August. Once Spring Lambs are weaned of their mothers, they are then known as hogget; this season usually runs from September to January.

We hang our lamb in whole carcass form for 5 - 14 days depending on the season and breed. By closely monitoring and changing the hanging times, our Master Butchers are able to ensure the best flavour and textures; meaning you can discover the incredible taste that each season has to offer.

Leg of Lamb

Nothing beats a leg of lamb. Full of robust and delicious flavour, this wonderfully te...


Shoulder of Lamb

Full of sweet flavour, our shoulder of lamb is one of the most delicious joints for sl...


6 Bone Rack of Lamb

The eye of the meat with the rib bones left on. Can be cooked whole or cut through to c...


Lamb Mince 500g

Our Master Butchers use prime cuts with just the right amount of fat to guarantee that ...


Diced Lamb 500g

With fantastic depth of flavour and tender texture, our diced lamb is the perfect ingre...


Lamb Neck Fillet (2 x 300g)

Actually cut from the lamb's shoulder, this joint is packed with abundant flavour that ...


Lamb & Mint Burgers (x4)

A classic combination of flavour, our handmade lamb and mint burgers are simply delicio...


Lamb Kidneys

Our Master Butchers use the whole carcass - delicate and tangy with a buttery soft text...


Lamb Chops (4 x 200g)

Easy to cook and delightfully tender, lamb chops make the perfect family meal - ideal f...


Lamb's Liver (min. 550g)

The liver is one of the best-loved cuts from the lamb's carcass. Melt-in-your-mouth ten...


Scrag of Lamb 500g

The scrag end comes from the neck of lamb, resulting in a cut that is laced with robust...


Breast of Lamb

The fat that runs through this cut melts of when slowly cooked, creating a beautifully ...


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