Whole Free-Range Chicken

£19.60 each

Bring the family together around the dinner table with a classic roast chicken - whether you love a leg or are partial to a tender slice of breast with a crispy skin, this really is a Sunday staple. 

Peter and James of Creedy Carver at Merrifield Farm in Crediton have supplied us with free-range chicken and duck for over 15 years. They share our passion and commitment to rearing birds to the highest standards of quality and animal welfare.

Whole chickens or treat yourself to our free range supreme chicken breasts that come with the skin and the small wing tip bone or our succulent free range chicken fillets. 

  • Whole Chicken to feed 4 (1.9-2.1kg) £19.60
  • Whole Chicken to feed 4-5 (2.1-2.6kg) £23.00
  • Whole Chicken to feed 5-6 (2.8-3.5kg) £30.00

Please choose your TYPE below in OPTIONS and then choose your QUANTITY.

*please note, all whole chickens come with the giblets



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