We have worked with James & Peter Coleman of Creedy Carver for over 25 years. During this time, the UK poultry industry has become ever more industrialised, with over 95% of British chicken now reared in intensive indoor units. In addition to the obvious welfare & environmental implications, most chicken meat now has fewer essential nutrients and higher levels of fat. James & Peter’s birds live twice as long as those found in supermarkets, spending their days roaming rich biodiverse pastures whilst foraging and scratching around. The result of a more nature friendly & ethical approach is Chicken how it should taste, nutrient dense and full of flavour. Our organic birds are reared by Ross Gardener of Otter Valley Poultry and also live a long, thoroughly free range life. Both James & Ross process their birds on their farms, eliminating journey stress & providing local jobs in a sustainable food local system.