Free-Range, Boned & Rolled Chicken with Cranberry, Orange & Chestnut Stuffing

£11.50 each

Mainland UK Delivery | Not Sundays

This delicious boneless roast is carefully boned and rolled into the class cylindrical shape for a succulent and tasty roast and stuffed with Cranberry, Orange & Chestnut Stuffing.

  • Small Boned & Rolled Chicken (feeds 2-4), £11.50
  • Medium Boned & Rolled Chicken (feeds 4-6), £15.50
  • Large Boned & Rolled Chicken (feeds 6-8), £18.50

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Wholemeal Breadcrumbs, wholemeal rusk (whole WHEAT flour, salt, yeast) 63% Whole Cranberries 11% (Glucose syrup, sunflower oil) Candid orange peel 7.5% (glucose-fructose syrup, salt, citric acid, preservative: sulphur dioxide) Roasted Chestnuts 7.5%, Orange juice powder 6%, Roasted onion flake 3%, Yeast powder, Onion salt, Rosemary



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