Leonardi Balsamico 3-5 year 100ml

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The Vinegar farmhouse Leonardi has specialised in crafting balsamic vinegar for 200 years. Today, Giovanni, Clelia and their children, Francesco and Clara, continue the tradition of hand-picking Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes from the surrounding 10 hectares of vineyards on the Modena Hills.

The Modena Hills are recognised for their unique climate; with high thermic shocks between the very hot summer and the cold winter. This enables the grapes to ferment and mature in the best conditions, resulting in the finest balsamic vinegar that you will ever taste.  

The grapes are hand-picked during September and October and are then pressed with a 'soft' system to avoid delaying the acetifying process which could provide bitterness to the end product. The must is then cooked within 24 hours of pressing to avoid fermentation, before being cooled down and put on rest to decant until January. During the ageing process, the must is put in batteries of wood barrels - made of a minimum of 9 barrels placed in decreasing size, with each barrel made from a different type of wood. These barrels are then placed in the attics, where the temperature range is higher... an optimal condition for ageing. During the ageing period, the balsamic vinegar is moved annually into another barrel to acquire the different essences of the woods - this delicate operations happens during the winters whilst the Balsamic vinegar is 'sleeping'. Every year, sensorial tests are run on every barrel to control the flavour, limpidity and colour of the liquid.

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