Celebrating traditional skills

 As well as rearing our own herd of native Ruby Red Devon cattle, we work with a community of trusted local families who farm in harmony with nature to the highest welfare standards.

Our Master Butchers use whole carcasses and traditional butchery methods to ensure you get the best tasting joint with minimal waste; from our incredible Beef Top Rib and well marbled Prime Rib Roast, to our wonderfully tender Leg of Lamb and boned and rolled Leg of Pork.

Gammon on the Bone

A traditional festive favourite. The bone is left in for extra succulence and tenderne...


Raw Smoked Gammon Joint

This traditional British joint is always lean and delicious; to give the best flavour ...


Boned & Rolled Leg of Lamb

Boned and rolled for easy carving and full of robust flavour, this wonderfully tender...