Veggie Picnic Hamper with Fizz

Veggie Picnic Hamper with Fizz

£79.00 each

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When the sun is shining, there is nothing better that an adventure with a beautiful picnic. This hamper is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and treating your loved one on a special occasion.

HAMPER OPTIONS: Please choose, Wicker Hamper, canvas bag or branded card box in the options below. Thank you! Your Picnic Hamper will include...

Please noteall of our hampers are packed carefully with all products laid flat and covered in shredded paper. This is to ensure that they are equipped for transportation and arrive with you safely.

    • Vicky's Bread Bordelaise Loaf

    Vicky Harford and her husband produce slow rise, French style, artisan sourdough breads which take great skill to prepare. The natural fermentation of the sourdough cultures need to be carefully replenished every day to create her incredible bordelaise loaf.

    Pot of Antipasti 250g

    Based in the Haldon Hills, the Olive Branch has been supplying Darts Farm with top quality olives, sun dried tomatoes and antipasti for over 15 years. Using their own recipes, Sue and her small team believe in using traditional methods and natural curing to make their delicious products. Their incredible antipasti uses a classic Italian recipe -  artichokes, olives, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, onions, cornichons, sweet peppers and garlic coated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs.

    • Seggiano Grissini

    Seggiano handmade Grissini are handcrafted in Piemonte, a region famous for its wines and wonderful culinary heritage. These artisan Italian Lingue are crackers as nature intended. The dough is made with the simplest authentic ingredients, rolled out by hand, then baked to a deliciously thin, golden crispiness.

    • South Devon Chilli Farm Chilli Jam

    Award-winning South Devon Chilli Farm in Loddiswell, South Devon, have been creating chilli inspired produce for almost 20 year. Their 10 acre farm is now home to over 200 varieties of chilli plant - from subtle flavours to intense heat.  Mild to Medium in heat, their chilli jam is simply delicious with cheese, crackers and much more... no wonder it is their best seller!   

    • Little Herb Farm Houmous 

    Handmade in small batches by owner Lindsey and her family, the team at Little Herb Farm use home-grown herbs, locally sourced fruit and veg  and real fresh ingredients to craft their amazing dips, vinegars and houmous. This world-class houmous is perfect for dipping. Crafted with chickpeas, sesame seed paste, lemon and garlic, it is simply delicious!

    • The Tomato Stall Cherry Vine Tomatoes

    The Tomato Stall have been growing tomatoes in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley for almost 15 years. The Island’s unique maritime climate and their southern location on the Isle of Wight boasts some of the best sunshine levels in the UK, helping them to grow some of Britain's tastiest tomatoes.  

    Willies Cacao Milk Chocolate Praline Truffles with Sea Salt (4 pack)

    Willie Harcourt-Cooze, artisan chocolate expert, is the only British chocolate producer to import and roast his own raw cacao beans to create award-winning confectionary. Carefully overseeing every stage, from growing & specially selecting the beans on his Venezuelan farm to slowly roasting them in his factory in Willand, Cullompton, Willie makes chocolate that is an absolute treat for the palate!

    Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade 27cl x2

    Based in South Devon, Gabriel David and his family have been crafting these delicious organic drinks for 45 years. By sourcing ingredients only from growers they know and trust they can guarantee that only the best goes into their bottles.

    • Devon Blue 200g

    Our friend Ben Harris from Ticklemore Dairy near Totnes uses milk from dairy cows farmed within 10-miles of him. He follows a traditional Roquefort recipe; however, the resulting cheese has a style of its own. Devon Blue is renowned for it’s creamy, rich and buttery taste and often has delicate blue veining throughout and a crumbly texture. Earlier this year, we visited Ben to taste through various batches made using different starter cultures to establish a flavour profile unique to Darts Farm. Ben regularly joins us at Darts Farm to share his passion and talk all things cheese.  Pasteurised Cow's Milk & Vegetarian Coagulant. 

    • Sharpham Brie 200g

    On the glorious Sharpham estate, nestled amongst the banks of the River Dart near Totnes, Mark Sharman and his team take fresh raw milk from their herd of Jersey cows and apply it to a recipe that’s been unique to the creamery since 1981. The curds are hand ladled into moulds, turned regularly and then brined and left to develop a furry white coat. The end result is a Coulommiers style mould ripened soft cheese that is often likened to a Brie. When ripe, Sharpham oozes a creamy rich and buttery interior that is often imitated but never bettered. Mark often joins us here at Darts Farm to share his knowledge and passion for artisan cheese and English wine. 

    Cornish Kern 200g

    From their small rural dairy in near Truro, Cornwall, Catherine Mead and the team at Lynher Dairies handcraft their incredible Kern using the rich and creamy milk from their own herd of Ayrshires; bringing seasonal flavour at different times of the year. It is gently heated at low-pasteurisation temperature and Alpine cultures—savoury, buttery, grassy nutty—are added to develop its character and burnt caramelised notes are created through scalding of the curds. Once the moulds are in presses, pressure is gradually increased to force out the whey and fifty hours in a briny bath adds the salty taste. The cheese is then painted in a breathable black wax coating and left to mature for 16 - 18 months. The result is an amazing hard farmhouse cheese with a rich buttery taste and caramel notes - it is no wonder that Kern was crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017.


    Pebble Bed Sparkling Rose £25

    Crafted just a mile from here, our dear friend Geoff Bowen launched Pebblebed as a community project in 1999. His immense passion for sustainable viticulture along with the role of food and drink in our community meant that Pebblebed grew into the award winning vineyard it is today. Sadly, Geoff passed away in 2018 leaving his wife Anna and head winemaker Alex to continue to pursue his dream of creating exceptional English wines. A blend of Seyval Blanc and Rondo, this fizz is a wonderful salmon pink colour, with an excellent creamy mouse, delicate red berry and rose petal flavours  balancing the fresh acidity.

    *At times hamper contents may vary due to stock availability, but items will be replaced with products of the same or higher value and quality.

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