Kirkham's Lancashire & Ryder's Mince Pies

Kirkham's Lancashire & Ryder's Mince Pies

£15.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

Indulge in the perfect pairing of Kirkham's Lancashire (the last traditional Lancashire in Britain!) and hand-crafted mince pies from our friends at Ryder's Bakery.

This gift includes…

  • 200g Kirkham's Lancashire

As the last remaining producer of traditional Lancashire in Britain - Graham Kirkham is the third generation to make cheese from his family’s small herd of Frisian cows in Goosnargh. Using raw milk, they practice a traditional two-day curd method which originates from a time when farmers couldn’t produce enough milk to fill a cheese mould in one day. The cheese is then wrapped in muslin cloth and traditionally buttered. We source this cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy, who visit Graham regularly to carefully select each 6-week-old cheese. Neal’s Yard then mature the cheese for 10 months in their Borough Market shop. Raw Cow's Milk & Natural Rennet

  • Ryder's Mince Pies

A family run business, Ryder's have been hand-crafting their amazing baked goods in Devon for almost 50 years. Now based just 9 miles down the road in Kenn; Shaun & his son Sam use traditional methods to hand-bake their delicious pastries, cakes & bread.



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