Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

£59.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

Tea is somewhat of an institution for us here at Darts Farm, and there's no better way to enjoy it than loose leaf in your favourite mug... Our friends at Brew Tea believe that brewing with rolled whole leaves gives you a smoother, deeper, richer taste. We couldn't agree more!

This gift selection includes:

  • Brew Tea, Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea 
  • Brew Tea, Loose Leaf Pot For One
  • Wonki Ware Mug 

Please note: Each Wonki Ware Mug is individually handmade and hand painted so colours and designs may vary. 

Please noteall of our hampers are packed carefully with all products laid flat and covered in shredded paper. This is to ensure that they are equipped for transportation and arrive with you safely.

Your Loose Leaf Tea Starter Set will include:

  • Brew Tea, Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea - A blend of Indian Assam with light, fresh Ceylon tea makes for a beautifully balanced and malty cuppa. Only hand-picked, rolled, whole-leaf tea goes into every batch of Brew Tea. Using years of attained knowledge and the highest quality tea leaves, Aideen & Phil have created their amazing, unique blends; each one is crafted, tested and hand-packed at Brew HQ 
  • Brew Tea, Loose Leaf Pot For One- Stylish, sophisticated & serious about flavour. The design allows your tea to move freely, absorbing more water as it brews, which in turn makes for a better tasting pot of tea!
  • Wonki Ware Mug - Over 20 years, Di Marshall along with her invaluable team, Les and Artwell, began hand-crafting and painting beautiful pottery in her studio in George, South Africa. Today, Di employs 70 people from disadvantaged backgrounds and together they continue to produce amazing pottery that showcases their vibrant and warm spirit.


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