Cheese & White Wine Night

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Perfect for a night in or a special occasion, you cannot beat this combination of Cornish Kern, a hard, buttery farmhouse cheese and Sharpham, a brie style cheese with a rich and creamy interior; paired perfectly with Hillside savoury biscuits and Vincent Bouzeareu's Bourgogne Aligote
  • Cornish Kern (min 200g)

From their small rural dairy in near Truro, Cornwall, Catherine Mead and the team at Lynher Dairies handcraft their incredible Kern using the rich and creamy milk from their own herd of Ayrshires; bringing seasonal flavour at different times of the year. It is gently heated at low-pasteurisation temperature and Alpine cultures—savoury, buttery, grassy nutty—are added to develop its character and burnt caramelised notes are created through scalding of the curds. Once the moulds are in presses, pressure is gradually increased to force out the whey and fifty hours in a briny bath adds the salty taste. The cheese is then painted in a breathable black wax coating and left to mature for 16 - 18 months. The result is an amazing hard farmhouse cheese with a rich buttery taste and caramel notes - it is no wonder that Kern was crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017. Pasteurised Cow's Milk & Natural Rennet 

  • Sharpham Brie (min 200g)

On the glorious Sharpham estate, nestled amongst the banks of the River Dart near Totnes, Mark Sharman and his team take fresh raw milk from their herd of Jersey cows and apply it to a recipe that’s been unique to the creamery since 1981. The curds are hand ladled into moulds, turned regularly and then brined and left to develop a furry white coat. The end result is a Coulommiers style mould ripened soft cheese that is often likened to a Brie. When ripe, Sharpham oozes a creamy rich and buttery interior that is often imitated but never bettered. Mark often joins us here at Darts Farm to share his knowledge and passion for artisan cheese and English wine. Thermised Cow's Milk & Vegetarian Rennet

  • Hillside Crackers

Former chef Jay Allan, has developed this fantastic range of specialised award winning cheeseboard products. Handmade in Exeter, Devon, Hillside Speciality Foods produce the finest quality products using local and seasonal ingredients. 

  • Vincent Bouzereau Bourgogne Aligote

In 2014, whilst exploring the region to find small, high quality, artisan wine producers, Michael and James Dart discovered the Bouzereau estate in the iconic village of Meursault, Burgundy. Family owned since the 16th century, our good friend Vincent Bouzereau is the latest of 10 generations to make wine in the iconic village of Meursault, Burgundy. His Domaine covers 18 hectares across the Côte de Beaune, producing unique wines with exceptional character in a bio-dynamic system. Vincent and his wife Aline continue to use traditional techniques at their vineyards, hand-picking the highest quality grapes to produce wines with exceptional character. Soft on the palate with notes of citrus, this wine is excellent served by itself or as an aperitif.


*At times hamper contents may vary due to stock availability, but items will be replaced with products of the same or higher value and quality.


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