Casina Rossa Sundried Tomatoes

£6.99 each

Nicola de Laurentiis and his wife Paola, along with their family, live and work in the outback of the Abruzzo region of Italy. They craft their incredible artisan produce, from antipasti to olive oil, using vegetables from their own farm in Puglia.

With almost 2,500 hours of sunshine a year and the Mediterranean surrounding Puglia on three sides, providing a cooling sea breeze, the Casina Rossa farm is in the perfect location for growing world-class tomatoes that are full of flavour. Wasting beautiful tomatoes is simply not an option in Southern Italy and for generations slow drying them in the sun has been a tradition. The De Laurentiiis family pick and prepare their tomatoes by hand, following traditional artisan methods that preserves the amazing natural flavour. 

When it comes to sundried tomatoes there is no substitute for rich soil, sunshine and artisan methods that have been handed down the generations. 


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