Artisan At Home Gift Set

Artisan At Home Gift Set

£59.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

Add a touch of cosiness to any room with our 'Artisan at Home' gift set. The perfect gift for someone special or a lovely treat for yourself.
  • Plum & Ashby Diffuser 
  • Cosy Nook Candle 120ml
  • The Datery Chocolate Bar 

    Your Artisan At Home Gift Set will include:

    • Plum & Ashby Diffuser - Vicky founded Plum & Ashby in early 2013 and runs the company with the help of her terrier Bertie. Made in England with 100% natural ingredients these incredible diffusers are environmentally friendly and add that extra touch of cosiness to any room.
    • Cosy Nook Candle 120ml  - These candles are hand-crafted by Pete and Sian in Thorverton, using 100% pure essential oils and soy wax; an environmentally friendly wax from a renewable resource! Crafted in small batches, each candle is individually hand poured into completely plastic free packaging, checked for smoothness and polished by hand.
    • The Datery Chocolate Bar - Handcrafted by Mohammed and Aisha, this beautiful, ruby chocolate bar is filled with raspberry, blueberry and the finest quality Anbar dates from their family farm in South West Asia. 


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