A Taste of Devon Cider

£25.00 each

It isn’t so simple as ‘cider is cider’. Much like wine, terroir has a huge part to play. Each small cider producer has a unique identity and heritage... This box contains 6 bottles of varying styles from world class West Country cider makers.

*At times hamper contents may vary due to stock availability, but items will be replaced with products of the same or higher value and quality.


Sandford Orchards, Devon Red - Medium 4.5% Vol

Our friend and expert cidermaker Barny Butterfield, is passionate about protecting Devon’s traditional cider methods. His award-winning ciders use naturally fermented apple juice from orchards within a 30-mile radius of their press in Crediton. Devon Red is a perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives the orchards their distinctive quality. Pairs perfectly with charcuterie.

Four Elms, Devon Ridge – Dry 6.8% Vol

Produced by the Smedley family at Four Elms Apple Farm, in Newton Poppleford, Devon. The family handcraft their cider on a very small-scale using apples from the Devon orchards that were originally planted for Green Valley Cyder here at Darts Farm. This lightly sparkling cider is rich with a high tannin which gives a full aroma, it is a satisfying, good length drink that is a perfect match for cheddar cheese.

Ridge and Furrow’s – Sweet 5.0% Vol

Produced in small batches at Weeks Farm in Mutterton, Devon, using apples sourced from their own traditional ridge and furrow orchard that dates back to the 1890s. Handcrafted using the artisan method of ‘arrested fermentation’, the production of this cider is tailored to each year’s apple harvest. This fresh, slightly sparkling cider is naturally sweet. Full flavoured and well-balanced with notes of natural sweet apple; this is the perfect cider to enjoy alongside a dessert such as apple pie.

Hunt's Cider, Andsome Bay – Medium Sweet 6% Vol

Hunts Cider is produced by 8th generation cider maker Richard Hunt and his sister Annette at their family farm in Stoke Gabriel, Devon. Their small-scale craft cider is made using traditional methods and apples grown either on their farm or by local farmers. Andsome Bay is a medium sweet, slightly sparkling cider that pairs well with chicken dishes.

Courtney's of Whimple, Whimple Orchard Cider – Medium Sweet 4.6% Vol

Crafted by the Courtney family on their traditional West Country Cider Orchard in Whimple, Devon. Every stage of the family’s cider making process is natural, with all of the apples being grown, picked, pressed and bottled in the same location. This is a traditional, small batch cider; crafted from a distinctive blend of traditional cider apples from the original Whiteways orchard that was planted approximately 100 years ago. This award-winning medium sweet cider is full bodied is delicious with fish.

Heron Valley Cider – Medium to Medium Sweet 4.5% Vol

Crafted on Crannacombe Farm in Loddiswell, Devon, by Tasha Bradely and her family at Heron Valley. They have been crafting their award-winning ciders for nearly 20 years, using apples from their own orchards and local growers who share their passion for the environment and local community. Fermented using the natural yeast present on the apples to produce a delicious, rich cider – without the addition of sulphites! This is a cider that partners with pork dishes extremely well. 





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