Macsween Haggis

£4.40 each

Based in Edinburgh, 3rd generation family run Macsween have been crafting their incredible haggis for over 60 years.

Macsween are the only haggis company to ever win the Three Gold Star Great Taste Award and our Master Butcher’s have been sourcing haggis directly from them for as long as they can remember.

  • Macsween Haggis, Serves 1 £4.40
  • Macsween Haggis, Serves 2-3 £7.60
  • Macsween Haggis, Serves 4-5 £11.90
  • Macsween Haggis, Serves 6-7 £16.40


  • Vegetarian Macsween Haggis, Serves 1 £4.40                    
  • Vegetarian Macsween Haggis Serves 2-3 £7.60

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Please note - Haggis is only available for delivery from 12th January - 31st January



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