'Hot Box' Charcuterie Tasting Experience
'Hot Box' Charcuterie Tasting Experience

'Hot Box' Charcuterie Tasting Experience

£17.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

Charcuterie with a kick! This selection of spicy meats is perfect for adding some heat. 


    Your 'Charcuterie Hot Box Tasting Experience' box will include...

    Good Game

    Founders, Pete, Jim and Steve, handcraft their award-winning cured meats just a few miles down the road in Topsham; using just salt, the natural Exe Estuary air and locally sourced meat. 

    • N'Duja - this is a soft spreadable spicy salami. It’s amazing on toast, with eggs, in sauces, on a pizza or just eaten with a spoon.
    • Devon Fire Chorizo - this is a classic Chorizo style cured sausage with the addition of a chipotle smoked Chilli powder to give it a smoky kick and a bit of heat. Subtle flavours of fennel and garlic build with the heat.

    Deli Farm Charcuterie

    For 15 years, Deli Farm Charcuterie have been crafting their air-dried charcuterie in Delabole, Cornwall. Founders, Martin and Jean, use only prime joint of meats from local producers along with freshly ground herbs and spices before carefully hand-crafting into natural casings and hanging to dry slowly. The whole process is carried out using 100% renewable electricity!

    • Spicy Chorizo - made with selective muscles from local shoulder of pork blended with a complex mix of spices, sherry and hot smoked paprika which gives it a bit of a kick!


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