Free-Range Whole White Turkeys

£56.00 each

Mainland UK Delivery | Not Sundays

White Turkeys have a more subtle, yet equally as delicious, flavour than the Bronze.

We're proud to work with one of Devon's very best turkey farmers; Steven Slade of Rosamondford Farm in Aylesbeare. Steven and his team are dedicated to rearing the most succulent, flavoursome and traditional turkeys on the family farm and share our values for high standards and traditional husbandry. We specially select our turkeys for a proper layer of fat under the skin to lock in the flavour and moisture when cooked.

  • Whole White Turkey 4.5kg (feeds up to 6) £56
  • Whole White Turkey 5kg (feeds 5-7) £63
  • Whole White Turkey 5.5kg (feeds 6-8) £69
  • Whole White Turkey 6kg (feeds 7-9) £76
  • Whole White Turkey 6.5kg (feeds 8-10) £82
  • Whole White Turkey 7kg (feeds 9-11) £92
  • Whole White Turkey 8kg (feeds 11-13) £105
  • Whole White Turkey 9kg (feeds 13-15) £115
  • Whole White Turkey 10kg (feeds 15-17) £128

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