Sheep & Goat's Cheese Tasting Experience

£35.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

To create the ultimate tasting board, just add some Hillside Crackers and Hillside Quince Paste! 

  • Dorstone (Minimum 200G)

Charlie Westhead is one of Britain’s pioneering cheesemakers, leading the way in the renaissance of farmhouse production. After working for Neal’s Yard Dairy in the 1980’s, Charlie evolved from cheesemonger to cheesemaker. This particular cheese, Dorstone, is named after the picturesque village that overlooks the River Wye in Hereford. It is made with pasteurised goat’s milk and takes the shape of a turret. Charlie tastes and selects each batch that ends up in our cheese counter, after being carefully matured by Neal’s Yard Dairy in Bermondsey. Pasteurised Goats Milk & Natural Rennet 

  • Riseley (Minimum 200G)

Riseley is the result of an exciting collaboration between Anne Wigmore and the maturation team at Neal’s Yard Dairy. Anne began making cheese whilst working for the National Institute for Research in Dairying in 1984. Since then she’s developed a number of exciting ewe’s milk cheeses such as Spenwood and Wigmore. Now, she sends very young ‘Wigmore’ cheeses to the team in Bermondsey who then dab the rind with a brine solution every few days to create a moist environment for the desired bacteria to thrive. This results in a pinky-orange rind that duely breaks down the interior of the cheese creating a bold and savoury flavour. Thermised Sheep's Milk & Vegetarian Coagulant. 

  • Beenleigh Blue (Minimum 200G)

Our friend Ben Harris from Ticklemore Dairy near Totnes uses milk from sheep farmed by Tom and Helen Garland to make Beenleigh Blue, a cheese first made in 1978. He follows a traditional Roquefort recipe; however, the resulting cheese has a style of its own. Beenleigh Blue has yoghurty, clean flavours, tending towards floral and aromatic. It often has delicate blue veining throughout and a crumbly texture. We visited Ben earlier this year to taste through various batches made using different starter cultures to establish a flavour profile unique to Darts Farm. Ben regularly joins us at Darts Farm to share his passion and talk all things cheese. Pasteurised Goats Milk &  Vegetarian Coagulant  

  • Quicke's Goat (Minimum 200G)

The Quicke family have been stewards of ‘Home Farm’ in Crediton for almost 500 years, with Mary Quicke now holding the mantle and pioneering the way in farmhouse cheddar production. Mary’s cheese is metaphorical of her ethos ‘farm as if you’re going to live forever’, and with generations of experience and craftmanship behind her, she is able to capture the best expression of the grass, soil and seasons. A delightfully different goat's milk cheese, handcrafted using locally-sourced goat's milk, clothbound and naturally matured for around 6 months. Pasteurised Goats Milk & Vegetarian Coagulant 


*At times hamper contents may vary due to stock availability, but items will be replaced with products of the same or higher value and quality.


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