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Brew Tea 

  • Brew Tea English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 113g £4.49
  • Brew Tea Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 113g £4.49
  • Brew Tea Green Tea Bags (15 bags) £3.99
  • Brew Tea Mint Tea Bags (15 bags)  £3.99
  • Brew Tea Earl grey Tea Bags (15 bags) £3.99

Only hand-picked, rolled, whole-leaf tea goes into every batch of Brew Tea, which gives the amazing flavour.

Miles Tea

  • Miles Tea Bags (80 bags) £2.79

With 130 years of tea and coffee heritage, Miles have been brewing since before the electric kettle! Henry Miles began the business back in 1888 and his grandson, Derek continues to taste their award winning tea & coffee to this day!

Heath & Heather

  • Heath & Heather Camomile Tea £2.99

With an aromatic fragrance and delicate floral flavour, this caffeine-free organic infusion is a perfect night time brew.

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