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These traditional condiments are perfect for adding a burst of extra flavour to your food.


Former chef Jay Allan, has developed this fantastic award-winning tomato ketchup. Handmade in Exeter, Devon, he only uses the finest quality local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Hillside Tomato Ketchup 210g £2.99
  • Hillside Barbecue Sauce 210g £2.99
  • Hillside Brown Sauce 210g £2.99


William Tullberg and his son Guy have been hand-crafting the finest quality accompaniments, preserves and chutneys for over 50 years. Full of incredible flavour, their sauces are perfect for any occasion; whether you're enjoying a ruby red steak or firing up your burgers.

  • Tracklements Strong English Mustard 140g £2.29
  • Tracklements Dijon Mustard 140g £2.29
  • Tracklements Horse Radish Sauce 140g £2.49

The Garlic Farm

Colin, Jenny and their family have been growing and hand picking their garlic on the Isle of Wight for over 40 years. The unique conditions mean the garlic is bursting with flavour and creates a wonderfully thick, smooth and creamy mayonnaise with a simply incredible taste.

  • Garlic Mayonnaise 240g £3.99


Rick Sheepshanks founded Stokes in 2004 in the heart of Suffolk, with the intention of creating a sauce that would encourage his daughter to eat more vegetables! Stokes are passionate about creating real sauces from real, high quality ingredients that are honest, clean and taste delicious.

  • Stokes Real Mayonnaise 345g £3.29

Lea & Perrins

Since 1837, Lea & Perrins have been making Worcestershire sauce with an expert blend of ingredients that take a full 18 months to mature to give a unique full flavour that enriches your meals;  great as a salad dressing, for adding deeper flavour to pre-made sauces or for making your own sauces from scratch.

  • Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 290ml £3.59

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