Pancetta Arrotolata

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Made by Carlo Pieri in Tuscany. Carlo crafts his range of artisan charcuterie from his family’s herd of Large White pigs that are fed exclusively on cereals grown on his smallholding. Each week he works four pigs, slaughtering them himself at a local abattoir that he invested in re-opening, ensuring minimal journey time & stress at the end of his animals life. Alongside Carlo is his wife Milva who runs the butchers shop, daughter Eleonora who runs the smallholding and his father who looks after the pigs. His mother, who is in her 80’s, picks all the wild fennel seeds and fennel pollen that Carlo’s uses to season his delicious salami.

His Pancetta Arrotolata is the belly of pork, rolled up with garlic, bay and fennel and then aged for 6 months. Almost too good for cooking, this tender, buttery pancetta should be eaten raw!⁣

  • Pancetta Arrotolata 100g £4.80
  • Pancetta Arrotolata 200g £9.60

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