Oliver's Keeved Perry 750ml

£9.99 each

Nicknamed the Godfather of the Fine Cider Movement, Tom Oliver applies a lifetime of experience with centuries of cidermaking tradition to craft some of the world’s greatest ciders and perrys on his farm in Herefordshire. After pioneering wild yeast fermentation, Tom has experimented with numerous barrel aging methods and collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic craft brewers and cidermakers.

Keeving is an artisan method of creating a naturally sweetened cider or perry. During fermentation, yeasts will convert any available sugar into a dry alcohol. The process of keeving involves a uniquely long, slow fermentation process, where the formation of pectin gel traps and removes nitrogen. Starved of essential nutrients, the wild yeast fermentation stops early, leaving naturally residual sugars and a wonderfully terroir-expressive sweetness.

Keeving is a notoriously difficult process and perry pears are notoriously difficult to ferment, however Tom has nailed it, and we’re all the luckier. Napoleon Bonaparte once described Perry as ‘English Champagne’, but that probably doesn’t do it justice.


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