Nudo Olive Oils

£8.99 each

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Nudo focuses on empowering olive farmers running small-scale groves in Italy to continue using sustainable farming methods and share their premium, authentic extra virgin olive oil with people all around the world. The Nudo olive tree adoption program is a collaboration of these groves which are in the Italian regions of Liguria, Sicily and Marche. The collaboration between the small-scale olive farmers and producers began 15 years ago, when Cathy and Jason bought and restored a 21 acre olive oil grove in Marche.

Now headed up by Katherine, the farmers on Nudo groves all use low impact farming methods, protecting the land from intensive practices which harm the soil and trees for future generations. They produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil using authentic methods, in turn protecting the groves from industrialisation and saving generations of traditions.

  • Nudo Olive and Garlic Oil 250ml £8.99
  • Nudo Olive and Lemon Oil 250ml £8.99

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