Notebooks & Puzzle Books

£12.99 each

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Our gift department is full of beautiful notebooks and fun puzzle books to keep your mind busy!

Paperblanks Notebooks

Assorted colours and designs 

  • Paperblanks Hardback Midi Notebook - £14.99

  • Paperblanks Hardback Ultra Notebook - £25.99

A lined notebook, with a momento pouch, Smyth sewn binding and acid-free, sustainable forest paper. 

Puzzle Books

  • The GCHQ Puzzle Book II- £12.99

You don’t need to be a quiz champion or Mensa member – unravelling these puzzles requires lateral thinking and ingenuity; both can be easily developed. Step into the mind of codebreaker as you learn to spot patterns, break ciphers and tackle authentic entrance tests. Sometimes you’ll have to work out the question before you start to figure out the answer!

In celebration of GCHQ’s 100th year, the intelligence, security and cyber agency has brought together these mind-bending puzzles that are peppered with stories from the organization’s incredible history; stretching further back than Bletchley Park, learn how GCHQ has kept the country safe in secret since 1919.

Can you solve the puzzle set by the incredible minds at GCHQ? It’s possible, when you know how.

  • Bletchley Park Brainteasers - £12.99

When scouring the land for top-level code breakers, the Bletchley Park recruiters left no stone unturned. As well as approaching the country's finest mathematicians, they cast their nets much wider, interviewing sixth-form music students who could read orchestral scores, chess masters, poets, linguists, hieroglyphics experts and high society debutantes fresh from finishing school. To assess these individuals, they devised various ingenious mind-twisters - hidden codes, cryptic crosswords, secret languages, complex riddles - and it is puzzles such as these, together with the fascinating recruitment stories that surround them, that make up the backbone of this book.

The code breakers of Bletchley Park were united in their love of a good puzzle. If you feel the same, why not dive in, put your mental agility to the test and discover: Would Bletchley Park have recruited YOU?

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