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Tea blender and professional Tea Sommelier, Katia Sokolskaya, was inspired to start Nauteas just over 5 years ago whilst travelling around the world, where she discovered the distinct ways that different cultures made and served tea.

Once back in London, Katia began to craft her own quirky blends of tea at home, using carefully selected, high quality ingredients. The amazing blends of Nauteas take you on a flavour journey in a single sip; from fruity and aromatic berries to cleansing and refreshing blends.

  • Cherry Loves Rose £6.99
Fruity, aromatic and full of berry flavour for you to enjoy, Cherry Loves Rose is delicious and hydrating at any time of the day. Not to mention, it’s also an amazing base for cocktails and iced tea!
  • Herbal Bliss £6.99
Herbal Bliss is a refreshing blend with lemongrass notes and lots of healthy herbal goodness. Good for digestion and maintaining healthy glowing skin, this delicious tea is also naturally 100% caffeine free.
  • Elephant Chai £6.99
This tongue-tingling, aromatic blend was inspired by many trips to India, where everything you see and taste is an explosion of sensations. This unique blend is made with First Flush Darjeeling tea (the 'champagne of teas') with a burst of exotic spices - cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and clove.

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