Happy Butter Organic Ghee 150g

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A brilliant alternative to standard cooking oils, this handmade Organic Ghee is full of rich, deep buttery notes that give a wonderful under-taste to your dishes! 

After discovering that using vegetable, nut and seed oils - standard cooking oils - in high temperature cooking could be harmful to health, Kate & Rupert tried out ghee instead. Today, they gently cook small batches of ghee in their small workshop kitchen in Devon by heating organic butter from their local dairy slowly over a flame for 5-6 hours. During the process the air begins to smell like butterscotch, as once the milk solids drop out of the butter it is left to caramelise to create the deep flavour and golden colour that ghee is known for. 

Why ghee?

Ghee is much more stable during high temperature cooking and unprocessed beyond gentle heating, so is a pure, natural fat. As ghee has no lactose, casein or sugars, it is non-inflammatory, so gentle on the gut. It is also packed with goodness, including vitamins A, D and K.



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