Gilly's Tasting Experience

Gilly's Tasting Experience

£19.99 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

These incredible balsamic dressings are completely oil-free, gluten-free and nut-free! For over 20 years, Gilly's have been handcrafting their amazing condiments in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire. Not only are these balsamic dressings delicious with homemade salads, but they are great for oven roasting vegetables or as an addition to sauces and gravies! 

Gilly's incredible oil-free creations can be used in many ways: for dressing, drizzling, cooking or combining with your favourite oil to create fabulous dips and marinades.

Whether you're an amateur cook or seasoned professional, these world-class products can be used to caramelise roast vegetables, marinate meats, and enhance the flavour of salads, soups, sauces, gravies and mince dishes. Alternatively drizzle over pizza, pasta, tomato, cheese, steak, duck, chicken, smoked salmon or even strawberries to delight the most discerning palette.


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