Find & Foster Snicket 750ml

£14.99 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

It’s in the name… Polly and Matt Hilton literally find and foster lost Devon Orchards, home to traditional, rare and rediscovered apple varieties. They help farmers to breathe life back into the crown jewels of our Devonshire countryside after losing 90% of our orchards since WWII. But it’s not just about conservation… Polly & Matt make some of the most refined ciders around using three traditional methods; Keeving, Petillant Natural (pet nat) & Methode Traditionelle. 

Snicket is a naturally sparkling, zesty and vibrant cider crafted using the ancestral method pet nat; which describes a natural sparkle that has been captured by bottling towards the end of primary fermentation. . 


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