Eaten Alive Hot Sauces
Eaten Alive Hot Sauces

Eaten Alive Hot Sauces

£4.29 each

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 Glyn and Pat ferment and mature each of their award-winning, vegan hot sauces for up to 6 months to preserve the natural intense flavours of yellow chillies, smoked red pepper and raw, unfiltered cider vinegar. The result is incredible, complex flavours, satisfyingly savoury characteristics and a rounded chilli heat.

  • Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce £4.29
The team smoke all the veg before fermenting and blending into a tangy, mild sriracha sauce. Think you like sriracha? This is a whole new level!
  • Eat Alive Preserved Lemon Hot Sauce £4.29
Yellow chillies, peppers & lemons, fermented then blended with unfiltered cider vinegar & fresh lemon juice. Fiery but with zesty magic of ripe lemon.

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