Devon Fine Cider EXPERIENCE

Devon Fine Cider EXPERIENCE

£45.00 each

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A selection of bottles that celebrate Devon's rich cider making heritage. Fruit & terrior expressive cider from some of the finest orchards in the world!

Packed in a sustainable Darts Farm wooden gift box that can be used time and time again.

Your Devon Fine Cider Selection will include... 

  • Ridge & Furrow - Bottle Conditioned 750ml

Justin Bartley makes award winning naturally sweet Devon craft cider in small batches from traditional apple varieties grown on their unfertilised & unsprayed ‘ridge & furrow’ orchard. The orchard is thought to date back to 1890s with the trees being planed on the ridges and the furrows acting as drainage channels. Handcrafted using 100% juice and ’arrested fermentation’, this is one of the our favourite ciders.

  • Sandford Orchards - Tremlett's Bitter 660ml

Our good friend Barny Butterfield has become one of the most revered names in cidermaking. Using traditional cider apples from carefully selected orchards surrounding his Ciderworks in the Creedy Valley he crafts a range of artisan ciders. Whilst his session ciders, Devon Red & Devon Mist, are enjoyed by many across the West country, he also makes exquisite fine cider from single varieties using unique fermentations. His Tremlett’s Bitter celebrates the iconic Devonshire apple variety. It boasts some lip-smacking astringency, blockbusting tannins and a riot of fruit. Soon, Barny will be our resident cidermaker here at Darts Farm, making small batch unique ciders that celebrate East Devon varieties right in the heart of our new Cider Innovation House & Restaurant.

  • Find & Foster - Huxham 750ml

It’s in the name… Polly and Matt Hilton literally find and foster lost Devon Orchards, home to traditional, rare and rediscovered apple varieties. They help farmers to breathe life back into the crown jewels of our Devonshire countryside after losing 90% of our orchards since WWII. But it’s not just about conservation… Polly & Matt make some of the most refined ciders around using three traditional methods; Keeving, Pat Nat & Methode Traditionelle. Huxham is a naturally sparkling, medium sweet cider made using the ancient art of Keeving. A long slow fermentation starves the yeast of essential nutrients, leaving naturally residual sugars and a wonderfully terroir-expressive sweetness. 


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