Colston Bassett Stilton

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 Billy Kevan is just the fourth cheesemaker since 1913 to make Stilton in the village of Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire. Over this time, little has changed. Every day, milk from a small cooperative of dairy farmers within 1.5 miles of the creamery is traditionally hand ladled to create the most intense rich and creamy cheese with a velvety texture and well-balanced flavour.

We source this cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy, for whom Billy makes an exclusive ancient recipe. This particular cheese is made with an animal rennet, which naturally coagulates the milk and has a resounding effect on its texture. It is also pierced later and less, allowing the flavour of the milk to overcome the intricate blue veining. If you haven’t had Colston Bassett, you haven’t had Stilton. Pasteurised Cow's Milk & Natural Rennet  

Sixteenth (min 455g) - £12.00

Eighth (min 915g) - £24.25

Quarter (min 1835g) - £45.00

Half (min 3670g) - £80.00

Whole (min 7340g) - £150.00



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