Fresh Milk & Cream
Fresh Milk & Cream
Fresh Milk & Cream
Fresh Milk & Cream

Fresh Milk & Cream

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Sutton Lucy Dairy

  • Sutton Lucy Semi Skimmed Milk 1ltr £0.99
  • Sutton Lucy Semi Skimmed Milk 2ltr £1.69
  • Sutton Lucy Double Cream 284ml £1.79

A small, independent family-run dairy in Honiton, Sutton Lucy Dairy is run by Rebecca and Philip Cooke. Their two herds of cows, made up of Holstein and Jersey breeds, produce wonderfully fresh Devon milk and rich Devon cream only 20 miles down the road!


    • Roddas Clotted Cream 113g £1.19
    • Rodda Clotted Cream 227g £2.29

    A family business with over 120 years of expertise crafting rich Cornish clotted cream.

    Dairy Alternatives 

    Rude Health

    • Rude Health Almond Milk £2.99
    • Rude Health Oat Milk £2.99

    For nearly 15 years Nick and Camilla Barnard have been producing award-winning dairy-free drinks - a delicious alternative to milk!

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