Cheese & Wine Night

£35.00 each


Perfect for a night in or a dinner party, you cannot beat this combination of Tunworth, a raw milk camembert style cheese made by Stacy Hedges in Hampshire, authentic artisan grissini and Vincent Bouzeareu's Aligote

  • Cheese & White Wine Night - Tunworth, Bourgogne Aligote & Grissini - £35.00

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        • Cheese & White Wine Night

        Tunworth - Handmade in Herriard, Hampshire by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce.   

        From the first ladle of milk from the local farm to the paper wrap and box packaging, every cheese is made by hand, using traditional methods and in French-style ‘bassines’, with expert skill and true passion. 

        Domaine Vincent Bouzereau, Bourgogne Aligote 750ml - The Bouzereau estate has been family owned since the 16th century. Vincent and Aline Bourzereau continue to use traditional techniques at their vineyards in the Burgundy region where they hand-pick the highest quality grapes. Soft on the palate with notes of citrus, this wine is excellent served by itself or as an aperitif.

        Seggiano Grissini - Seggiano handmade Grissini are made in Piemonte, a region famous for its wines and wonderful culinary heritage. These artisan Italian Lingue are crackers as nature intended. The dough is made with the simplest authentic ingredients, rolled out by hand, then baked to a deliciously thin, golden crispiness.



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