Cheese Mongers Tasting Experience

£30.00 each

Mainland UK Delivery | Not Sundays

Filled with some of our favourite farmhouse cheeses from across the country, our Cheese Mongers Tasting Experience allows you to try something different...

  • Durrus (Minimum 200G)

Durrus is made by Jeffa Gill in County Cork, Ireland, the same way its been done since 1979. Jeffa uses raw milk from two local farmers on the Sheep’s Head Peninsular, whom she’s worked with for over 25 years. It is a soft, washed rind cow’s milk cheese that smells of hay whilst oozing a buttery interior that is reminiscent of caramel. Our friends at Neal’s Yard receive Durrus every 2 weeks. Upon arrival the cheeses are unwrapped and placed in the warmest maturing room to further develop for another two weeks. Once at it’s best, Durrus is best enjoyed fast, not that has the chance to hang around In our fridge before being eaten!

  • St Jude (Minimum 200G)

Inspired by the French cheese St Marcellin, Julie Cheyney makes this delicate, mousse-like soft cheese at Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk. Raw milk from the families herd of Montbeliarde cows is taken daily and the cheesemaking process begins whilst the milk is still warm. The nature of this cheese means its flavour evolves with the seasons, largely depending on what the cows are eating.  The Stow Fen, where the cattle graze, is an unusual wildlife-rich basin marsh that is home to a variety of grasses and herbs. From milking to eating, the maturation process only takes two to four weeks and a very thin mould rind develops on the surface. Because of this, green and grey wild moulds can often spring up. These are perfectly safe to eat and don’t effect the flavour of the cheese whatsoever.

  • Riseley (Minimum 200g)
Riseley is the result of an exciting collaboration between Anne Wigmore and the maturation team at Neal’s Yard Dairy. Anne began making cheese whilst working for the National Institute for Research in Dairying in 1984. Since then she’s developed a number of exciting ewe’s milk cheeses such as Spenwood and Wigmore. Now, she sends very young ‘Wigmore’ cheeses to the team in Bermondsey who then dab the rind with a brine solution every few days to create a moist environment for the desired bacteria to thrive. This results in a pinky-orange rind that duely breaks down the interior of the cheese creating a bold and savoury flavour.
  • Whin Yeats Wensleydale (Minimum 200G)

In 2015, with milk prices at an all-time low, young dairy farmers Tom and Clare Noblett embarked on a journey to make exceptional farmhouse cheese from their herd of 90 Holstein Friesian cows. They applied a wensleydale recipe traditionally associated with the Yorkshire dales to their steep Cumbrian farm terroir to create a cheese that has challenged all preconceptions of what a wensleydale should be. Made with raw milk and animal rennet, the cheese can evolve from lactic and yoghurty through to mellow and buttery with a waxy, crumbly texture. Our friends at Neal’s Yard Dairy visit the Nobletts every month to offer feedback and carefully select the batches that end up in our Deli counter.

For the ultimate tasting board, add some Hillside Crackers and Hillside Quince Paste - both are available to purchase on our website. 


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