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 We’ve put together a selection of cheeses that we’re particularly excited about at the moment. These cheeses are widely representative of British cheesemaking heritage – taking you on a journey from age-old territorial recipes such as Stilton & Red Leicester through to post-modern adaptations of traditional recipes such as Caerphilly and Whin Yeats Wensleydale. In these challenging times, we’re proud to support family run farmhouse producers, who carry the torch for the artisan cheese world.

Your box will include...

  • Whin Yeats Wensleydale 200g

In 2015, with milk prices at an all-time low, young dairy farmers Tom and Clare Noblett embarked on a journey to make exceptional farmhouse cheese from their herd of 90 Holstein Friesian cows. They applied a wensleydale recipe traditionally associated with the Yorkshire dales to their steep Cumbrian farm terroir to create a cheese that has challenged all preconceptions of what a wensleydale should be. Made with raw milk and animal rennet, the cheese can evolve from lactic and yoghurty through to mellow and buttery with a waxy, crumbly texture. Our friends at Neal’s Yard Dairy visit the Nobletts every month to offer feedback and carefully select the batches that end up in our Deli counter. 

  • Colston Bassett Stilton 200g

Stilton’s origins can be traced back to the 18th century - where it was eaten at the Bell Inn, Stilton. Now a protected cheese, it can only be made in three counties; Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Since 1920, Billy Kevan is only the fourth cheesemaker to make Colston Bassett, with little changing in the past 100 years. Milk from within 1.5 miles of the dairy is still hand-ladled to create the most intense rich and creamy cheese with a velvet texture and well-balanced flavour.

  • Rollright 200g

Inspired by the famous soft Alpine cheeses such as Vacherin and Reblochon, David Gowett makes this spruce bound oozing cow’s milk cheese on his farm in Gloucester. His herd of traditional dairy cows, including breeds such as shorthorns, graze pastures laced with clover and herbal leys nestled among a dozen native grass species. It is this along with the spruce that gives the cheese bright floral and peanut flavours. The cheeses ripen at around three months old after being washed regularly in brine to develop the orangy-red rind and butter interior. Much of David’s cheese was destined for restaurants, meaning he now has a surfeit of superbly ripe cheese.

  • Gorwydd Caerphilly 200g 

Caerphilly cheese is a mould-ripened, aged cow’s milk cheese typically sold at three to four months. The style takes its name from a small town in the South of Wales. Former Neal’s Yard Dairy cheesemonger Todd Trethowan built a cheesemaking facility on his parents’ land and began to make cheese with locally sourced milk. He was later joined in the business by his brother Maugan and sister-in-law Kim. With the intention of improving the quality of their cheese, and after a lengthy search for ‘the best possible milk’, in mid-2014 the Trethowans moved to Somerset. Partnering with a farm whose milk supply showed great potential enabled them to have more control over the raw material and as a consequence, on the final cheese.

For the ultimate tasting board, add some Hillside Crackers and Hillside Quince Paste - both are available to purchase on our website. 

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