Campanini Risotto Rice

£3.29 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

For three generations, the Riseria Campanini family have produced their line of rice in small batches, using raw paddy rice from traditional rice-growing areas in Northern Italy. The family team store the raw paddy rice in small stilos, so that the rice grown on every single farm can be processed separately from all of the other batches; meaning each bag of rice can be traced back to the farm it was grown on.

  • Campanini Riso Arborio £3.29
Known for its big grains which are rich in starch and remain al dente in the centre, Arborio is perfect for creamy rice dishes.  
  • Campanini Riso Carnaroli £3.29

Their Carnaroli rice has an excellent resistance to over-cooking. Recommended for any dish (especially risotto!) this top quality rice absorbs flavours of seasonings in a homogeneous way.

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