Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta

Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta

£4.29 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

For over 200 year, the Cavalieri family have been growing wheat in purposely chosen fields in the heart of Apulia, Southern Italy. Today, 4th generation pasta maker Andrea Cavalieri rigorously selects the durum wheat, before beginning the unique processing method known as 'Delicate' to create this world-class pasta. 

From mixing and kneading, to pressing and drying, the pasta is gently handled at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional values of the durum wheat; securing a completely natural and delicious consistency and flavour. 

  • Benedetto Cavalieri Penne £4.29
  • Benedetto Cavalieri Fusilli £4.29
  • Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghetti £4.29

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