Otter Brewery Tasting Experience

£12.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

We have been working closely with Patrick McCaig, founder of Otter Brewery, to put together a selection of our favourite beers.

Patrick McCaig has an incredible passion for beer and brewing; with over five generations of brewers in the McCaig family, he certainly knows a thing or two about producing the best! He uses the finest selection of handpicked ingredients, including their own yeast culture and water from the River Otter, to create his award-winning beers here, in the heart of Devon.

    Your Otter Brewery Tasting Experience will include...

    • Otter Bitter (500ml)
    • Otter Ale (500ml)
    • Otter Bright (500ml)
    • Otter Head (500ml)


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