Bath-Time Indulgence Hamper

£59.00 each

This ultimate pamper hamper includes some of the finest bath-time treats, full of naturally soothing oils, to help you unwind. It's time to light your candle, run the hot water and relax. The perfect gift for someone special or a lovely treat for yourself.
  • Bramley's Lavender Sleep Spray Oil - Crafted using a unique blend of apple seed oil, organic apple extract and 100% natural botanicals; not only does the range smell wonderful, each product has amazing therapeutic benefits
  • Plum & Ashby Seaweed & Samphire Bath Essence - Cool citrus notes and woody undertones are blended with natural coconut oil to create a relaxing bath essence. 
  • Cosy Nook Candle, Calm & Comfort - these candles are hand-crafted by Pete and Sian in Thorverton, using 100% pure essential oils and soy wax; an environmentally friendly wax from a renewable resource! Crafted in small batches, each candle is individually hand poured into completely plastic free packaging, checked for smoothness and polished by hand.


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