A Taste of Devon Cider

£12.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

It isn’t so simple as ‘cider is cider’. Much like wine, terroir has a huge part to play. Each small cider producer has a unique identity and heritage. As Devonians we live in the Champagne of the cider world and our producers need your help to keep the taste of Devon alive. We cannot lose the jewels in our cidermaking crown. Drink with purpose.

Your box will include... 

  • Sandford Orchards, Devon Red 4.5% 

Our friend and expert cidermaker, Barny Butterfield, is passionate about protecting Devon’s traditional cider methods. His award-winning ciders use naturally fermented apple juice from orchards within a 30-mile radius of their press in Crediton. Devon Red is a perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives the orchards their distinctive quality. Pairs perfectly with charcuterie. 

  • Four Elms, Devon Ridge 6.8% 

Produced by the Smedley family at Four Elms Apple Farm in Newton Poppleford, Devon. The family handcraft their cider on a very small-scale using apples from the Devon orchards that were originally planted for Green Valley Cyder which was situated here at Darts Farm before Nick and Chris retired. This lightly sparkling cider is rich with a high tannin which gives a full aroma, it is a satisfying, good length drink that is a perfect match for cheddar cheese. 

  • Ridge & Furrow, Devon Craft Cider 6% 

Produced in small batches at Weeks Farm in Mutterton, Devon, using traditional Westcountry cider apple varieties from their own ridge and furrow patterned orchard that dates back to the 1890s. Handcrafted using the artisan method of ‘arrested fermentation’ induced by multiple rackings, the production of this cider is tailored to each year’s apple harvest. This fresh, slightly sparkling cider is naturally sweet, full flavoured and well-balanced; perfect for enjoying alongside a dessert such as apple pie. 

  • South Hams Drinks, Vintage Cider 6.5% 

Crafted in Stokeley Barton, Kingsbridge, by South Hams Drinks. 15 varieties of traditional bitter sweet and bitter sharp apples from Devon orchards are used to make this classic vintage cider. A fruity and aromatic organic cider with deep flavours and lots of Westcountry character that pairs perfectly with pork dishes.


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