30 Days to Save British Cheese

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This box contains a selection of world class British cheeses from farmhouse producers that really need our help. As cheese lovers, we must work together and unite our cheese making, selling, and eating community to secure a future for British farmhouse cheese. 

UPDATE - The focus of this box has shifted from providing an outlet for cheese with no route to market to now providing financial support to cheese makers who's circumstances are still threatened by the impacts of COVID-19. As a result, we have had to increase the price by £5. We thank you for your continued support, together we can ensure a bright future for British Cheese. 

NOTE - To ensure that we are able to help as many of our incredible farm house cheese producers as possible, the contents within this box will change on a weekly basis.

  • Devon Blue (Minimum 200G)

Our friend Ben Harris from Ticklemore Dairy near Totnes uses milk from dairy cows farmed within 10-miles of him. He follows a traditional Roquefort recipe; however, the resulting cheese has a style of its own. Devon Blue is renowned for it’s creamy, rich and buttery taste and often has delicate blue veining throughout and a crumbly texture. Ben regularly joins us at Darts Farm to share his passion and talk all things cheese. 

  • Rollright (Minimum 200G)

Inspired by the famous soft Alpine cheeses such as Vacherin and Reblochon, David Jowett makes this spruce bound oozing cow’s milk cheese on his farm in Gloucester. His herd of traditional dairy cows, including breeds such as shorthorns, graze pastures laced with clover and herbal leys nestled among a dozen native grass species. It is this along with the spruce that gives the cheese bright floral and peanut flavours. The cheeses ripen at around three months old after being washed regularly in brine to develop the orangy-red rind and butter interior. Much of David’s cheese is eaten in top restaurants, meaning he now has a surfeit of superbly ripe cheese..

  • Cornish Kern (Minimum 200G)

From their small rural dairy in near Truro, Cornwall, Catherine Mead and the team at Lynher Dairies handcraft their incredible Kern using the rich and creamy milk from their own herd of Ayrshires; bringing seasonal flavour at different times of the year. It is gently heated at low-pasteurisation temperature and Alpine cultures—savoury, buttery, grassy nutty—are added to develop its character and burnt caramelised notes are created through scalding of the curds. Once the moulds are in presses, pressure is gradually increased to force out the whey and fifty hours in a briny bath adds the salty taste. The cheese is then painted in a breathable black wax coating and left to mature for 16 - 18 months. The result is an amazing hard farmhouse cheese with a rich buttery taste and caramel notes - it is no wonder that Kern was crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017.

  • Quicke's Mature Cheddar (Minimum 200G)

If there’s any cheese that truly represents the taste of Devon it’s Quickes. The Quicke family have been stewards of ‘Home Farm’ in Crediton for almost 500 years, with Mary Quicke now holding the mantle and pioneering the way in farmhouse cheddar production. Mary’s cheese is metaphorical of her ethos ‘farm as if you’re going to live forever’, and with generations of experience and craftmanship behind her, she is able to capture the best expression of the grass, soil and seasons. Each day, once their unique herd of dairy cows have been milked, the cheese is ‘started’ with a live-culture that has remained unchanged for years and encompasses the biodiversity of the farm. A natural rennet is then added to separate the curds from the whey and the cheddaring process begins. The cheeses are then matured for up to two years in their ‘Cathedral of Cheese’, where they are carefully monitored and turned every 10 days. Our relationship with Quickes goes back to when Mary used to sell cheese to our mother, Enid, many decades ago!


For the ultimate tasting board, add some Hillside Crackers and Hillside Quince Paste - both are available to purchase on our website. 


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