Outdoor cooking

whatever the weather!

Best of British Cider Tasting Experience

A selection of award-winning ciders from across the country, each with their own unique...


Best of West Cider Tasting Experience

It isn’t so simple as ‘cider is cider’. Much like wine, terroir has a huge part to play...


English Wine Tasting Experience

This box contains a selection of our favourite local wines, all from vineyards within 1...


Charcuterie Tasting Experience

Everything you need for the ultimate charcuterie board!


'Sharecuterie' Tasting Experience

This selection of delicious charcuterie, from our incredible local artisans, is perfect...


'Hot Box' Charcuterie Tasting Experience

Charcuterie with a kick! This selection of spicy meats is perfect for adding some heat....


Wild Meats Charcuterie Tasting Experience

Charcuterie with a 'wild' twist and delicious game flavour. 


'Sausage Fest' Charcuterie Tasting Experience

This selection of salami, chorizo and fuet are all crafted by our friends from Good Gam...


Beer Snacks Charcuterie Selection Box

You can't beat snacking on local charcuterie when having a pint with family and friends...


Mezzesoul Dressings

Kamal and his father run a family business offering a range of Lebanese style pomegra...


South Devon Chilli Farm Sauces

The ultimate ketchups and barbecue sauces that are perfect for family feasting and ou...


Suzanne's Lime, Ginger & Mustard Seed Salad Dressing 250ml

Suzanne handcrafts each of her dressings in Devon, inspired by a family recipe going ba...