A Taste of Somerset Cider

£12.00 each

Hand cut weighed items | please allow 5% variation

A key county for cider production, Somerset ciders are often defined by bold, fruity flavours and complex tannins due to the bittersweet apples that are often grown within the county. Their terroir is very similar to that of Devon and their beautiful red soil often gives a slightly richer taste.

Your 'A Taste of Somerset Cider' box will include...

  • Sheppys , Kingston Black Cider 6.5%

Sheppy’s is one of Somerset’s best-known cider makers. It is now run by the 6th generation, David Sheppy, who continues to produce traditional cider on the family farm. The cider is fermented using naturally occurring wild yeast from the apples and matured in oak vats – some of which have been in the family for almost 100 years. This is a single variety cider crafted from Kingston Black cider apples – possibly the finest cider apple variety in the world. The refreshingly crisp flavours of this wonderfully dry, slightly sparkling cider makes it the perfect accompaniment to pasta dishes.

  • Burrow Hill, Somerset Cider 6%

Burrow Hill Farm sits amongst 180 acres of cider apple orchards in the heart of Somerset. They have been pressing cider for over 200 years, using the apples from 40 varieties of cider apple trees, 7,000 trees in total! They are blended before being pressed and the juice is fermented and matured naturally in oak vats. This full bodied, slightly sparkling Somerset cider pairs excellently with soft cheeses. 

  • Harry’s Cider, Applemoor 5%

Harry’s Cider is produced by Harry Fry and his son Tom on their family farm in Somerset. Each stage of the cider making process takes place on their farm; from growing the apples in their orchards, to pressing the fruit and maturing the cider. Applemoor is crafted using a blend of different cider apples to create a medium cider with a light mellow, slightly sweet finish – the true taste and character of Somerset cider that pairs perfectly with chicken.

  • Rich’s Cider, Golden Years 6.7%

Rich’s have been making traditional craft cider at Rich’s Cider Farm in the heart of Somerset for over 60 years. Martin Rich, their master cider-maker takes the best Somerset apples and varieties and each year turns them into their ‘Golden Years’; a limited-edition cider that will vary from year to year depending on the harvest. This medium full-flavoured cider pairs perfect with a spicy curry.


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