Pump Street Chocolate

£5.99 each


8 years ago, after mastering naturally-leavened bread in their award-winning bakery on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast, Chris and Joanna Brennan ventured into crafting incredible chocolate by hand.

Using beans imported directly from family farms and single estates around the world, the team tailor their small batch roasting, grinding and conching processes to yield the best tasting chocolate possible.

Each bite is simply mouth-watering; with the unique flavours and textures, such as Sourdough & Salt and Rye Crumb, reflecting their expertise as both bakers and
chocolate makers.

  • Pump Street Chocolate Bar Sourdough & Sea Salt £5.99
  • Pump Street Chocolate Bar Ecuador Dark Milk £5.99
  • Pump Street Chocolate Bar Madagascar £5.99
  • Pump Street Chocolate Caramelised Hazelnuts £11.99 SOLD OUT

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